Two-Way Time (TWT) grids from the Jammerbugt project

Version 2.0
Fyhn, Michael Bryld Wessel, 2024, "Two-Way Time (TWT) grids from the Jammerbugt project",, GEUS Dataverse, V2
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Our Community Norms as well as good scientific practices expect that proper credit is given via citation. Please use the data citation shown on the dataset page.

Custom Dataset Terms — the following Custom Dataset Terms have been defined for this dataset.

By using this data, you accept the terms and responsibilities that apply to the user (hereinafter defined as the Customer) in relation to GEUS. Therefore, we encourage you to read through these terms before using the data. If the Customer identifies errors in the Data Delivery, the Customer is encouraged to report this by e-mail to GEUS (

1. Data Delivery
These terms and conditions apply separately in relation to free Underground Data from Denmark obtained from GEUS's website, hereinafter referred to as the Data Delivery.

2. Rights
2.1 Ownership and Copyright
GEUS retains all ownership, copyright, and other rights to the data and any extracts thereof. GEUS only grants the Customer the right to use the delivered data and no ownership, copyright, or other rights, either to the data that forms the basis of the Data Delivery, the format in which the data is delivered, or the database from which the Data Delivery is extracted.
GEUS guarantees to the Customer that GEUS has the right to dispose of the Data Delivery (within the framework of these terms) and that by transferring it under these terms, GEUS does not infringe upon any third-party rights to all or part of the Data Delivery.

2.2 Customer's Rights
The Customer has the right to use the Data Delivery for their own purposes, including the right to process the Data Delivery and perform data capture on it. In specific cases, the Customer can provide the Data Delivery to others free of charge. In doing so, the Customer must inform third parties that GEUS's rights must be respected in accordance with these delivery terms.
Sale, disclosure, etc., of interpretations and other derivative products created based on the Data Delivery are allowed. In such cases, GEUS requests that a copy is provided to GEUS for internal use and for regulatory purposes. 2.3 Source Attribution, etc.
The Customer is obligated to attribute GEUS (and any other specified rights holders) as the data source in accordance with copyright law and common practice. When sharing, the Customer should, to the extent possible, mention GEUS's previous publication of the data, enabling third parties to become familiar with the data from GEUS in its original form. Furthermore, if such information is available, the Customer should specify:
- The date of GEUS's last update to the database
- Any disclaimers regarding data accuracy
- Information about any additions made by the Customer

3. Liability

GEUS guarantees that the Data Delivery is in accordance with GEUS's database at the time of extraction and that the Data Delivery matches the description of the Data Delivery.
Data produced by GEUS are collected and interpreted in accordance with the prevailing scientific practices at the time of collection. However, GEUS assumes no responsibility for the quality, reliability, accuracy, or suitability of the Data Delivery for the Customer's purposes, and therefore, GEUS is not liable for any consequences of the Customer's use of the Data Delivery, whether such consequences result from errors and deficiencies in GEUS's database or the Customer's use, processing, or interpretation of the Data Delivery. Similarly, this applies if the Data Delivery is based on data submitted to GEUS by third parties.
GEUS does not guarantee the continued availability of data, and GEUS reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time. Data that already have been downloaded when the new terms come into effect may continue to be used under the previously applicable terms. If the Customer’s data are updated with GEUS's data made available under the new terms, the new terms apply to all data.

4. Personal Data in GEUS's Data
GEUS's data may contain personal data or may constitute personal data when combined with other datasets. To the extent that data, with or without combination, constitute personal data, the user is the independent data controller for its processing and is responsible for complying with the General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable laws when using these data.
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