Building knowledge to optimise the management and protection of Danish water resources and the public’s drinking water supply as well as the impact of groundwater on Danish nature and the environment. Programme areas include mapping, establishing and managing monitoring programmes, understanding the water cycle and water quality.

The Water resources programme includes contributions from the following departments at GEUS:
  • Groundwater and Quaternary Geology Mapping
  • Geochemistry
  • Hydrology

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Jul 12, 2024
Koch, Julian; Liu, Jun; Stisen, Simon; Troldborg, Lars; Højberg, Anker Lajer; Thodsen, Hans; Hansen, Mark F. T.; Schneider, Raphael J. M., 2024, "CAMELS-DK: Hydrometeorological Time Series and Landscape Attributes for 3330 Catchments in Denmark",, GEUS Dataverse, V1
Large samples of hydrometeorological time series and catchment attributes are critical for improving the understanding of complex hydrological processes, hydrological model development and performance benchmarking. CAMELS (Catchment Attributes and Meteorological time series for L...
Jul 8, 2024
Koch, Julian, 2024, "Groundwater Redox Modeling Denmark",, GEUS Dataverse, V2
This repository contains data used to model depth to first redox interface and redox conditions at 25 m resolution at national scale of Denmark. The following data are included: - sediment color derived depth to first redox interface (FRI_trainingsdata.csv) - water chemistry, i.e...
May 15, 2024
Troldborg, Lars, 2024, "Geotif data related to GEUS report 2023/8",, GEUS Dataverse, V1
Griddata from different abstraction scenaries on groundwater recharge to aquifers, total recharge, drainage to river, sz to river and grids on depth to aquifers. Data produced as a part of an estimate of the sustainable water resources of Denmark using the Danish National Hydrolo...
Feb 29, 2024 - A collection of hydrostratigraphic models from Egebjerg, Denmark
Andersen, Lærke Therese, 2024, "3D hydrogeological layer model of the Egebjerg area",, GEUS Dataverse, V1
3D hydrogeological layer model of the Egebjerg area. The model is made using the software GeoScene3D. The model result was used in two research project at GEUS: GeoConcept and RESPROP.
Dec 13, 2023
Troldborg, Lars, 2023, "Datafile for GEUS report 2023/49",, GEUS Dataverse, V1
Datafile for GEUS report 2023/49 Contains pdf's used in workshop "Revision of groundwater bodies"
Oct 12, 2023
Troldborg, Lars, 2023, "dkms_gs3d_fohm",, GEUS Dataverse, V1
FOHM interpretation points and hydrostratigrafiske layers covering Sjælland and Sydhavsøerne
Sep 27, 2023 - A collection of hydrostratigraphic models from Egebjerg, Denmark
Madsen, Rasmus Bødker, 2023, "Replication Data for: "Incorporating interpretation uncertainties from deterministic 3D hydrostratigraphic models in groundwater models" - (",, GEUS Dataverse, V1
This dataset contains 3 sets of 50 realizations of hydrostratigrahy in Egebjerg, Denmark following the GDM method ( The three sets vary in the smoothing factor (sigma) of the Low frequency - model. This dataset is used the importance...
DK-model HIP(
Sep 15, 2023
This folder contains modelset ups in MIKESHE/MikeHYDRO for the DK-model HIP in 500 and 100m resolution. The DK-model HIP has focus on the hydrological close to terrain conditions and simulated results from the DK-model HIP are displayed and shared at the HIP and KAMP portals: Hyd...
Sep 15, 2023 - DK-model2019
Troldborg, Lars, 2022, "DK-model2019 - modelsetup (area: DK7)",, GEUS Dataverse, V3
This .zip file contains DK-model2019, area DK7 (Bornholm) as a coupled MIKE SHE/MIKE HYDRO River model setup. The National Hydrological Model (DK-Model) is set up in the MIKE SHE/MIKE HYDRO River model system, which constitutes a deterministic fully distributed and physically bas...
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